‘I cursed kaninja to never have a peaceful marriage after using and dumping Me’


One of Kaninja’s ex-girlfriends has claimed that she is to blame for the sports presenter’s marital problems, which have been circulating on the internet for the past 72 hours.

She called a couple of water gods to ruthlessly deal with Kaninja after he used and dumped her for another woman, according to this lady who is a marital destroyer.

Kaninja was broke to the core, and she was feeding and sheltering him, but the evil in him wouldn’t let his common sense find thanks in all the sacrifices she had done for him.

Kaninja even swore to marry her after placing a promise ring on her hand, but afterwards used their wedding money to buy an Ipad, according to the lady who is still in sorrow about how Kaninja “chopped her and her money.”

Kaninja is a big-time opportunist who takes advantage of fragile girls and gets them to spend their money on him when he discovers that they are truly in love with him, based on the phrases she said during the interview.

Without a second thought, the Angel FM employee is shameless since, according to this lady, he even tried to sleep with her sister’s daughter, who was still a teenager at the time.

She then went on to claim that Xandy Kamel was the one who paid for their lavish wedding since she knows Kaninja is a scrooge who will never invest a dollar in their big day.

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She declared forcefully in the final minutes of the interview that Kaninja will never find happiness with any lady he attempts to settle down with because she has cursed him.

She also warned other women to be wary of Kaninja, warning them that he will take advantage of them, squander their money, and then dump them in open sight.

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