“I lost $200,000 in a day to sport betting”- Enokay


Enokay, the popular Tipster and Twitter influencer, shared that his biggest loss in sports betting last year was over $200,000.

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According to a video shared by @elikem_the_gossip on Instagram, the famous influencer on Big convo mentioned that his biggest loss in sports betting was losing over $200,000 last year when asked by his interviewers.

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“What has been your biggest lost”. Said the interviewers.

“okay in a day I would say last year, yeah in a day like I lost, I lost more than $200,000”. He said

The interviewers was so surprised that they couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They asked Enokay to share his betting slip as proof.

One interviewer being curious to know more about how Enokay lost that massive amount of money asked

” When you say you lost $200,000 are you saying you placed it at a go or it was the accumulation of the monies you placed that day” he said

The influencer answered by saying

“No so it wasn’t $200,000 at a go but the whole day, the slips I did in a day yes”.

Enokay actually mentioned that he was able to win back the money he lost in another game after a month or two.

“But I even won everything back and I was posting live in play games and we won more than $470 that time”.

“Is it the same day?”Another interviewer asked.

“No I think a month after yes and I stopped ”.he said

What are your thoughts on this, do you think it was worth it?

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