“I never knew real fan love untill that day l asked for money to clear my car” – Says Davido


Nigerian singer. Davido has opened up about the particular moment he got to know that he is indeed loved by many of his fans.

David is undoubtedly one of the most admired personalities out there in the music space not only in Nigeria or Africa but across the world.


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But then the musician at a point in time wasn’t fully convinced he has lots of true lovers out there who could help him in times of need.

One day he took to his social media platforms to announce that he needed some funds to clear a new car he bought and that was when he knew many loved him.

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“I have always thought my fans didn’t lovę me till the day I made a jôke that I didn’t have money to clear my Rolls Royce from the port and they contributed over $600k for me in 24 hours.” He said

“On my birthday, I just bought my Rolls Royce Cullinan and I just made a jôke online. I was like, yo my fans please send me money so I can clear my car because you with our tãx system in Nigeria, when you buy a car in America and ship it to Nigeria, you pay basically about the same amount of money to clear it. That’s why when we Nigerian artists buy cars or jets, it’s always double the price you’ll see on Google. I just made a jôke and beggęd my fans for money. Then I created an account that very day with no money in it and posted it and my fans sent me like $600k in just 24 hours. Till date, that car is one of my favorite cars because we it together and it always reminds me of the love my fans have for me.” Davido added

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