“I saw her wearing white attire stained with bl00d”Ghanaian Prophet Reveals Hajia Bintu Will Be S@crificed By A Big Man In 2024


A Ghanaian Prophet, who goes by the name, Seer 1 General has said that, social media Influencer, Hajia Bintu will l0ss her life in 2024.

The prophet made this revelation when he appeared as a guest on Kingdom FM


According to this prophet, he received a prophetic vision where he saw Hajia Bintu wearing a white attire stained with bl0od.

He explained that when he asked God the meaning of the revelation, he was told by God that it meant she will spend the money of a ritualist and will be used for a sacrifice.

When I questioned why her clothing was bloody, God replied that she had been given her money from a very rich man who is a ritualist and after spending the money, she was used for a sacrifice. Prophet Seer 1 general went on to reveal that, She will receive a huge sum of money from a man, the money is blood money.

According to him, Hajia Bintu will be sacrificed and all these will happen next year.

Watch the video below;