I will not refer to Akuffo Addo as your excellency again because he is too arrogant and doesn’t respect my chiefs: NDC deputy boldly declares


Why do your people prefer to roll with those who constantly call them aliens and erode into the arms of strange towns instead of speaking truth to power and demanding a fair share of development when it is the turn of the eagles to eat?

Of course! Who would have thought that under the Government that you’re so loyal to, it is the places you’re least loved that they would rush to give potable water to, fix their markets to international standards, build and revamp factories, finish and inaugurate their E-blocks with pomp and pageantry and leave the E-block in Aƒlao of all places uncompleted?

Many have indicated that they are not sorry the President made that comment. He cannot be pressured to complete your E-block for you. Nor can you pressure his Education Minister to do so with an ultimatum of February. And he has made it clear to you. Whoever wants to put pressure on his agenda, especially one that was not started by him.

The deputy communication officer of the largest opposition political party, National Democratic Congress Edem Agbana has openly declared that he will never refer Akufo Addo as president again because his arrogance is Nauseating.

Reacting to Akufo Addo’s interview with Kwame Sefa Kayi on Peace fm yesterday, Edem Agbana said until Akufo Addo render sincere and unqualified apologies to the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, he will never address him as president.

Edem Agbana further warned journalist not to try to correct him when he doesn’t refer Akufo Addo as president because it’s a personal decision he has taken.

“I have taken a personal decision, I will never address Akufo-Addo as Prez/H.E on any media platform again. He doesn’t respect my chiefs so can’t earn my respect. Let any journalist dare insist I call him prez..I Can’t wait to resume from my media break… an elder who doesn’t respect deserves no respect. Disgusting Arrogance” he said in a Facebook post

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