“If Ghanaians can support me, I’ll quit music and run for Presidency” – Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale has revealed his intentions to run for Presidency if only Ghanaians are ready to support him and vote him into power in a video which was shared on TikTok.

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The dancehall artiste said he dreams of changing the country and plans to bring together the youth to build a better country for all of us.

He also revealed in a couple of years, he will be 40 years old which means he will be qualified to stand as president of the country, all he needs is the support of Ghanaians, especially the youth.

On if he will be able to run the affairs of the country he said yes, he knows how to run a movement and made reference to his fan base, the Shatta Movement and said his fan base is the biggest in Africa because he knows how to run it.

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He said, “ I am so confident and know the guidelines of how to really run a movement. That is why my Shata Movement is the biggest fan base in Africa. That is my dream, that one day I would have to help to change Ghana. So if Ghanaians are listening to me, you start encouraging me.”

“By the next four years, I’ll be 40 plus. So I’m qualified to be a candidate or a man who can run a country. So if people can understand me from that direction, we can stand in politics. And that’s what I’m saying.”

“Politics is not about you coming to speak the big grammar. Ghana is not a big grammar country. We speak local languages. I just need heads So sometimes when I’m talking about developments, I’m talking about how we can come together and build this country.”

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“We have to be equal. You can’t go and infringe on anybody’s rights. So we have to try and learn how to come together. That’s what I’m saying. My vision for this country and for the youth of Ghana is that let’s learn how to come together, so we can build this country ourselves,” he concluded.