“If I see Cucumber in My Girlfriend’s wardrobe, I will secretly apply Aboniki on it”-Social Media User


-He Explains He will apply the dreadful Aboniki balm on the Cucumber

-This was in reaction to an early story that a guy found a Cucumber stuck in Condom in his Girl’s room

-What the lady was using the Cucumber wrapped in Condom for remains unknown but the guy couldn’t believe himself

Cbgist.com earlier shared a story of how a boyfriend was left stunned when he found a Cucumber in his girlfriend’s stuff in a room he rented for her.

The Girlfriend initially said it’s a fruit she would eat but the guy interjected that if that was the case why was the Cucumber in condom and not kept in the fridge.

The landlady of the apartment the girl lives in threatens to throw her out over what she described as an ungodly conduct even though she was never caught using the Cucumber indiscriminately.


Reacting to the earlier story Kwaku Spark said, left with him alone, he will secretly apply Aboniki balm on the Cucumber and wait to see what will be the aftermath of that.

Aboniki is a balm known for pain relief, it’s really hot that a slight application on the affected spot can give serious burning sensation after which you will be relieved.

His comment however had series of other hilarious reaction.

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