“I’m Tired Of People Messing With Will Smith” – Cardi B Defends Actor Following Salacious S£x Claims


American rapper Cardi B has come out to defend actor Will Smith over what she feels are unfair treatments mated out to him.

This comes after Will’s former personal assistant made some salacious s*x claims against the actor.


In a video she recorded and posted online, Cardi B stated that she doesn’t like it when people mess with Will Smith because she thinks he has a good heart and is not problematic.

According to her, she’s tired of people picking up on Will Smith.

She requested that reporters verify their information with prove or evidence about individuals before publishing it, as anyone may say anything about somebody.

Cardi B recounted how a lady she never knew said came to the media to claim she knew her and has been to her house in 2018, and everyone could say a fake story about anyone and get people believe it.