“Incredible”- Meet Madam Belinda Doris Arkorful, The Sole Founder And Owner Of The Linda Dor Restaurant


For persons who usually use the Accra-Kumasi Highway or who have used the road before, there is one place that you cannot miss.

This is the almighty Linda Restaurant and rest stop located at Bonsu junction.


But have you ever guessed who the founder and owner of the restaurant that serves travelers with sumptuous meals and some time to rest is?

Well, the answer to such a guess is Madam Belinda Doris Arkoful.

The woman founded the very much visited restaurant and has managed it for “47 solid years.”

This was made known in an interview with popular Ghanaian Youtuber, Wode Maya.

Madam Belinda Doris, mentioned that she started the business in the year 1976 as a sole proprietor and has nurtured it for it to grow and become the beautiful destination it is today.

Asked about the origin of the name Linda Dor, she explained that it was from the combination of her two names, Belinda and Doris.

According to madam Belinda, she moved from the teaching field to start up the restaurant because she had learnt the rudiments of business from her mother and senior sister who were both traders and had passion for the job.

She went on to explain that, even when she and her sister were in school, they were selling a variety of items and it made her develop a sense of business.

Madam Belinda Doris said that she feels good about how great Linda Dor has become, having about seven operating sheds at the location.