“Inspectors ‘found nothing in his bank accounts”- Ronaldinho ‘facing the seizure of two properties in Brazil in order to pay off tax debts’


Barcelona as well as AC Milan legend, Ronaldinho is being investigated for the seizure of 2 properties in Brazil to help pay the tax debts of alleged tax evaders.

As per Mail Online, Tax chiefs have requested an appraisal of the real estate holdings in Rio de Janeiro and his home state of Rio Grande do Sul so they can be used to recover any debt due by the former footballer if needed.


The location of the properties is thought to lie in the western region of Rio and Xangri-La is a municipality situated along Brazil’s south coast, approximately 80 miles away from the Porto Alegre city. Porto Alegre where Ronaldinho was born.

Tax inspectors who are frustrated have set their sights on Ronaldinho’s house after failing to discover any funds in the accounts of the soccer player’s bank according to reports in Brazilian news stories.

In November 2018, the 43-year-old was able to have luxury cars and artwork taken by Brazilian officials following a case where the brother and Roberto de Assis Moreira were being pursued by officials over allegations that they owed him money for fees imposed on his charitable organization.

The month prior, the passport of the man was taken following a state prosecutor’s attempt to retrieve money in an unrelated case related to construction that was illegally constructed in an area that was protected and found only 5 pounds in his account at the bank.

He was arrested and spent one month in jail in Paraguay and then four months under house arrest in a hotel in the capital city of Asuncion after he entered the country using a false travel document in March 2020.