Isaak Presley; Biography of the youngster who act the role of Bobby Popko on the Netflix Series Fuller House


Isaak Presley was born on the 16th of June 2002 in California’s Fullerton, United States of America.

Born to an American Actor, Isaak’s dreaming of becoming an actor just like his father came to reality when he started appearing on High profile Nickelodeon shows. He made appearances on Netflix Wet Hot America Summer (First Day at Camp and Fuller House), Dicky & Dawn and Instant mom.

Despite all this appearances, Isaak became a household name after playing his role of Bobby Popko on Fuller House, a Netflix Series.

Other Profession aside acting.

Isaak grew up developing love for musical Instruments, he took that to the next level with the release of few songs like, The North Pole, About Love and Be King.

To help share his moments with others out there, Isaak runs a YouTube Channel that has over 532,000 subscribers.

Net Worth

Even as young as he is, Isaak has a net worth Estimated to be $1 Million. Making him one of the riches youngsters available.

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