Kanayo O Kanayo reacts to the missing Ghanian lady with her Nigerian friend


Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has taken to social media to advice young girls to be cautious in their dealings whiles making reference to the missing Ghanian lady and her Nigerian friend.

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In a long video, Kanayo advised this generation on friendships and trust on social media. He questioned how people are able to manage friendship on social media.

The actor showed his surprise to how girls make trips to see someone they met on social media and asked, “What do those people promise you”, to risk going to meet them and to “knack for 100k, 20k?”

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Kanayo said there is nothing worth more that a person’s life so these girls should take time and not just carry themselves to travel all the way to wherever to meet a man you don’t know.

He then turned his attention to parents and guardians to keep an eye on their daughters and warn them about the consequences of “h00kup” and blindly following promises from men they do know.

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He advised young ladies to find proper jobs to do instead of finding easy ways to make money with their body which is very risky.

Watch the video below.

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