Kanye West has been sued by his former assistant for s#xual h@rassment


The ex-assistant of American rapper Kanye West is reportedly suing the rapper for sexual harassment two years after the incident.

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The woman claims they met after doing a couple of businesses together and Kanye hired her after their meetings.

She says shortly after she was hired, Kanye began sending her inappropriate texts and images including Kanye having s#x with other women.

Kanye West has been sued by his former assistant for s#xual h@rassment

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She also revealed most of the texts she got from the rapper was about the rapper telling her what he likes when it comes to intimacy.

Some of the texts reads, “Is my d*** racist? It is. This f***ing racist d*** of mine. I going to beat this f***ing racist d*** for being f***ing racist. I’m going to stare at pictures of white woman with black asses and beat the s*** out of my racist d*** … Beating the s*** out of his big black c***.”

According to her, Kanye offered her a huge role in his company as a chief of staff and promised to pay her $4 million but she was never paid.

Months later, she said got fired by Kanye and he offered to pay her $3 million for her silence so she does not report him for the harassments.

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Again, the rapper didn’t pay her which according to her is the reason why she is suing the rapper to get all the money he was supposed to pay her and also to come clean on the harassments she went through when she was working for him.