Kofi Adomah Finally Shows His Wife’s Face As She Is Enstooled As Benkumhene Of Gomoa Amanful


Ghanaian journalist, Kofi Adomah Nwanwani has for the first time in many years, revealed the face of his wife, Mrs. Mircale Adomah.

This comes after the Elders of Gomoa Amanful captured and enstooled her as the Benkumhene of the Town.


Kofi Adoma has deliberately kept the face of her wife from the public for so many years.

He initially never posted the image of her wife on any of her social media handles.

It was only in recent times that he began posting images of his wife on social media but strictly without her face.

Several people in the comment sessions of posts that have Mrs. Miracle Adoma have wondered what her face looks like, with some digging so deep to see if they can find what she looks like.

However, the face of the woman whom Kofi speaks so well of and expresses gratitude to due to her enormous sacrifices for him has become public.

Posting a picture with her face for the first time on his Facebook page, Kofi TV, the journalist wrote, “Mrs Miracle Adoma. We agree to show your face now because you are now the Benkumhene of Gomoa Amanful. Your face is no longer for Just your husband and family but for the People of Gomoa Amanful. Ayikoo”

Watch video below;