Kwara State Govt suspends the Arabic school head of Islamic School involved in the brutal flogging of students


The head of Musbaudeen Islamiya Arabic school in Ganmo, Ifelodun local government area of Kwara State has been suspended following the cruel treatment of several children at the school.

In one of the films, a young woman is shown kneeling in front of a group of guys who are flogging her for reportedly attending a party and consuming alcohol.

The teenage kid who was viciously whipped by the same gang of men is reported to have attended the party and consumed alcoholic beverages.

Learn everything about the event in the link below:-

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The government released a statement on the incident, stating:

“The government’s team carefully listened to the authorities of the Arabic school, the father of the sole girl in the video, and four other students involved in the unsavory development”

“Regardless of the explanations of the authorities on the development, the self-confessed consent of the parents, and regret of the affected students, the government seriously frowns at the harsh beating seen in the footage.

“Consequently, the government has directed the setting up of an investigative committee, comprising Muslim scholars, leaders and government officials, to look into the issue while the head of the Arabic school, who admitted to directing the punishment, has been asked to step aside pending the conclusion of the investigation

“The government has also taken the affected students to a public hospital for proper medical examination and treatment. This is to ensure that none of them suffers any physical or psychological damage

“The government appeals for calm while the committee does its works and submits a report for further action. The government commends the Ganmo Muslim community for the support given to the team.”

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