Lady devastated as unknown jealous persons set her brand new car ablaze weeks after showing it off on Facebook


– A South African Lady has seen her newly acquired purchased car set ablaze

– Reports indicates she took to Facebook to show off her new drive the very day she bought it.

– As it Stands now there is no suspected person associated to the crime.

It’s 2021, We are in 21st century but It seems wonders will just never stop happening in this world as a lady is currently left in complete shock after some unknown person set her car on fire.

The lady identified as Pearl weeks ago shared a photo of the said car via a Facebook post and has received many congratulatory messages from the app users.

Pearl’s facebook post after purchasing the new car

Unfortunately for her, She woke on 30th May only to realize her car has been damaged severely, the damage scene actually looks like it has been intentionally set ablaze

The Damaged car

She went on to lament bitterly in another Facebook post and everyone could feel how sad she is deeply to loose a new car she purchased less than a month.

“I don’t think I can survive this. It is just too much.” She Noted

Some more images of the car

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