Lady recounts how her closest friend traveled overseas without informing her


A lady shared her story about cutting off her own friend who traveled overseas without informing her. She mentioned they had been friends since university, but in 2022, her friend decided to travel without letting her know. She only found out about it after talking to her friend on the phone for about 6 months. Feeling betrayed, she immediately blocked her friend, breaking the trust in their friendship.

On her birthday, the lady mentioned that her friend reached out to her on Instagram to wish her a happy birthday. However, she chose not to open the message and deleted the friend request. She also mentioned that it hurt her the most when her other friends, Ibrahim and Nneka, relocated without informing her, even though she knew about their plans.


She mentioned that she could let go of the hurt her friend caused her, as she doesn’t hold grudges. However, she admitted that she doesn’t know how to forgive her friend. People have expressed different opinions about her reaction, with some calling her a jealous friend and others understanding her feelings.

“For you to be this hurt she did a good thing”.

“Stay away from her forever she doesn’t consider you as a friend. She will only come to you whenever she needs you”.

“Her hurt is valid. I could remember reaching out to my friend before embarking on my current journey. How do you claim to be friends with people you don’t trust sharing such information with. Friendship requires a lot accountability , respect , trust etc . Know this and know your peace”.