Lady who escaped from being used for rituals by Nigerian big boy Skibiii drops more revelations


Nickie DaBarbie, the famous Nigerian TikToker who recently made headlines after she revealed she was almost used for money rituals by Skiibii has dropped more information about what she went through.

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In a fresh post on her Instagram story, she revealed when she went over to Skiibii’s house, she was in her period so when Skiibii saw this, he tried to take off her pad and tried to convince her to have s&x with him.

She wrote, “Skiibii literally tried to put his hands down there to remove my pad cause I was on my period. Kept convincing me that we had to have s&x that night.”

Nickie also wrote that should anything happen to her, Skiibii and Mayorkun should be held responsible because they are trying to k!ll her so she does not come out with more information.

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She said they gave her some substance to drink and a lot happened after that. She said she will say everything so that other ladies will be careful when they hang out with a stranger.

She wrote, “If anything happens to me ya’ll know the two set of people to hold..I know too much. They’ll try to terminate me so I do not talk..1B Naira lawsuit? Y’all playing with yourselves and the blood on y’all hands not me..Shoulda made it a Trillion Naira! Maybe then l’ll be scared!”

Check out her post below.

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