“Let’s come together and identify one music genre we will be known for globally” Shatta Wale proposes


– Shatta Wale reveals Most people at the international level do not know the kind of music we do in Ghana.

– He said he was left thinking when he was asked the particular genre of music Ghana is associated to.

– He calls on fellow musicians to come together and accept one Genre to work on.

Ghanaian Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale is currently holding his State of the industry Adress as Scheduled and he is already raising some good points that is worth listening to.

The musician in his address let flow of some happenings during his stay in the United States of America where he held some business meetings.

Shatta Wale’s State of the Industry Address

According to him there were many questions he faced during those business meetings with one being “What type of music genre is he and his colleagues mainly known for’ and even though he as an individual is a dancehall artist, the genre can’t be termed as a dominant one in the country at large.

He therefore call on his fellow musicians to bring together an idea for them to decide on one particular genre which they can push hard and get it’s recognition at the very top level to bring home the much needed intentional accolades

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