Little girl cried as her little twin brother was laid to rest; God save his soul


Expected Death: When someone dies, the first thing to do is nothing. Don’t run out and call the nurse. Don’t pick up the phone. Take a deep breath and be present to the magnitude of the moment.

There’s a grace to being at the bedside of someone you love as they make their transition out of this world. At the moment they take their last breath, there’s an incredible sacredness in the space. The veil between the worlds opens.

We’re so unprepared and untrained in how to deal with death that sometimes a kind of panic response kicks in. “They’re dead!” We knew they were going to die, so their being dead is not a surprise. It’s not a problem to be solved. It’s very sad, but it’s not cause to panic.

Currently we experience sad news very often and one of the causes of sadness is the coronavirus disease. The global pandemic which many believe originated from China has claimed millions of lives worldwide and it has torn families apart.

Recently, the means by which people are dying is becoming uncontrollable and this is causing pain in the family of many people. Largely, several people share pictures of their late family members on social media, and the number of people who keep on post such pictures on the media is becoming more increasing.

This post that was discovered on the internet newly caused many people to be sorry is a twin sister who was noticed kneeling beside his deceased twin brother and shedding tears. This sad scene from the young child made many people share sad emojis after that post meaning they are all feeling sorrowful for the child.

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