Major cause of all marriage problems revealed by world best divorce lawyer


The world’s best American divorce lawyer, James Sexton has revealed the major cause of all marriage problems per his experience as a lawyer during a podcast interview.

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According to him, the problems that occur in marriages is caused by two things. He revealed these two causes are “either someone doesn’t know what they want, or they don’t know how to ask for it.”

Going into details, he revealed sex and cheating are often the major cause of marriage problems. He said most of the time, men are the ones who are caught cheating which ruins relationships.

He said, “Sex is a thing that is definitional to a romantic relationship. Will it always be the same? Will it always stay at the same level of importance? No. But is it a great canary in the coal mine? So something’s off with the sex now and tragedy’s not far tragedy’s not far behind? Yes!”

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He continued, “Both men and women cheat with a tremendous amount of frequency… I don’t think that you could really say one [gender] does it more than the other. But I think that more men are accused of having ruined the relationship by cheating than women are.”

Speaking further, he said most married men cheat with nannies because they play the role of a wife and end up becoming supportive of the husband instead of the actual wife.

He said, “The nanny has a lot of the characteristics of the wife; she’s good with the kids she’s there to be supportive to the husband. She’s a helpmate – but without any of the autonomy… she’s an employee at the end of the day, which is a much simpler relationship.”

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He also talked about money issues being a cause of marriage problems. He said when there is switch in financial responsibilities, it becomes an issue. In situations where the man loses his job and the wife takes over the role of a breadwinner in the family.

He said, “Money is power. It’s not uncommon that people are dishonest with themselves and with each other about money. I see a tremendous number of divorces when husband and wife are both working and the husband loses his job… it sends them spiralling into a ddepression.”

“I’ve seen a lot of women that when their spouse loses the job and they become the breadwinner, they find that very unappealing. I would love it if they kept statistics on these kinds of things but I can tell you in my practice I’ve seen plenty of women lose their jobs, and it has no impact on the marriage. When men lose their job in a heterosexual male-female marriage it has disastrous consequences a great deal of the time.”

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