Man claps back at Mr Happiness for saying Dutch passport is better than PhD in Ghana


A Ghanaian man also living in Holland like Kofigabs, aka Mr Happiness has clapped back at him for saying his Dutch passport is more valuable than a PhD certificate in Ghana.

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The man argued that having a Dutch passport does not mean a person has made an impact in that country but rather your contribution to their economy.

He said Mr Happiness is taking thing too far and discouraging people from taking their Ghana education seriously and to be happy and content with their lives back in Ghana.

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He advised people to focus on making an impact where they are and if an opportunity presents itself for them to travel to Europe, then they can go ahead but they should not be pressured into travelling.

He revealed he has a degree from a university in Holland and is currently working in a better job than those without education so it is better to have an education and acquire a better job than having no education and doing menial jobs.

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He said, “Mr Happiness is making Ghanaians feel traveling abroad is everything. If you are in Ghana and have the opportunity to go to school, go and finish the school. The passport won’t do anything for you.”

“All that glitters is not gold oo. Mr Happiness should show you the bills he is paying over here as a cleaner. If he will be truthful he will tell you he earns the least here and pays more bills that a PhD holder in Ghana.”

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“We all have this passport, it’s not anything extraordinary. Before you get this, you have to make an impact on this land. Don’t let anyone deceive you with this passport, focus on your education. Mr Happiness has nothing to offer anyone.”

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