Ghanaian Man faces Dubai police after woman carrying  drugs calls him son after she was arrested on Arrival


A Ghanaian man, named Kofi Adu has advice people who travel by air often to take caution when handling someone’s luggage.

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The man shared his experience on a flight and said he sat next to an old lady who asked him to help her put her bags in the overhead luggage compartment.

He revealed another guy came to sit next to them and it was the guy who put the woman’s luggage in the overhead. He said this woman was extremely chatty with him and the guy throughout the flight.

He said just when they were about descend, the old lady started complaining of stomach pains and even told the flight attendant that he (Kofi Adu) is his son. Surprisingly, the other guy told him to distance himself from the woman and to let cabin crew know that he is not related to the woman and they are not travelling together.

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When he was asked if they were related, he told them exactly what the other guy told him and when they started getting off the plane, the woman insisted he helps her carry her bag but the other guy signaled him to not do it.

Thankfully, he adhered to it and later saw that the woman has been arrested by the airport police after she tired to run from the cabin crew because she had in her possession, drugs.

Apparently, the woman called him her son so that she would be able to implicate him. The police asked him some questions and checked for fingerprints to be sure he really was not travelling with the woman.

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They let him go with a warning to never touch anyone’s luggage no matter what because anyone can cause you to be in trouble with the police when you are innocent.

Watch the video below as he narrates what happened;

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