Meet all Baby Mamas and Girlfriends of Davido


At 28, Davido undoubtedly is successful with his career.

Aside coming from a wealthy family, he has worked hard with his career to stay relevant for 10 years and counting.

Davido have had things doing with several women just like King David in the Bible.

Here is the list of Ladies Davido have dated and have kids with since he became famous

Sophia Momodu

Even if there were other girls before she came into the picture, Sophia Momodu cousin of Dele Momodu owner of Ovation Magazine can be attributed as the First Lady Davido made it official that he was going out with.

Their relationship apparently didn’t last, however in 2015 git pregnant in 2015.

It was of course characterized with controversy as Davido demanded for a DNA.

Sophia Momodu gave birth to a girl who was named as Imade Aurora Adeleke


This America based lady whose name is only known as Amanda comes second on the list of Davido’s Baby Mamas.

Just when many people taught Davido would take a cue from his first experience becoming a father and apply more care in his dealings with women, it appears the singer was just getting started.

Davido got into relationship with Amanda around 2017 and that led to the birth of his second daughter Hailey Veronica Adeleke

Chioma Avril Rowland

Arguably among Davido’s relationship, the one with Chioma was the famous largely because everything was pointing to them getting married.

Davido’s relationship with Chioma was the talk of the town in the year 2018. How a singer with a penchant for the expensive taste and an unapologetic lavish lifestyle, could settle with a seemingly simple young girl like Chioma, was something many people could not comprehend.

The relationship led to the birth of Davido’s son David Adedeji Adeleke Junior.

The relationship currently is no longer as it used to be as little is seen of Davido and Chioma after making the headlines.

Multiple reports suggest they have separated with Chioma unfollowing Davido on social media and deleting all pictures they shared together.

Mya Yafaii

Well, this came as a surprise to many.

Davido has not actually confirmed his relationship with America model Mya Yafaii but it was interesting how the two came together.

Apparently when Davido and Chioma’s relationship had crashed, Davido went on vacation, pictures of the vacation revealed he was in there with Mya Yafaii who herself is a bisexual.

Little have been seen of them after that vacation actually.

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