”Nam1 signed Shatta Wale to Zylofon Music as a compensation for Sleeping with Michy behind Shatta Wale”.


Magdalen Love a very close associate of Musician Shatta Wale has opened up on the real reason Shatta Wale got signed to the Zylofon music label owned by Nana Appiah Mensah aka Nam1

In an explanation to rebut some claims by Michelle Diamond aka Shatta Michy a one time fiancé and thus baby Mama of Shatta Wale, Mag Love who herself has admitted she was or is Shatta Wale’s childhood girlfriend said Michy after breaking up with Shatta Wale is going round peddling false allegations against her person as the one behind their breakup.

The issue according to Mag Love has gone on for sometime now and she cannot continue to stay mute when her reputation is being dragged for something she has never done.

She added she has had enough and would have to set the record straight on issues surrounding the breakup between Shatta Wale and Michy.

Magdalen Love alleges that even with Shatta Wale joining Zylofon media as an artiste, it was somehow means of Nana Appiah Mensah having an affair with Michy trying to compensate Shatta Wale which led to him joining the label.

Mag love explained that, in the course of the relationship between Michy and Wale, Michy had no respect for Shatta Wale, she was not cooking neither did she cared about Wale but even with all that Wale showed her love on grounds that Michy will Change.

She added she took Michy as her sister and defended her against people who were snitching her to Shatta Wale even though she knew the dirty things she was doing behind Shatta Wale.

Mag Love went on further that, Not only was Shatta Michy disrespectful, but she was sleeping around with other men including girls too.

Even at the time she was with Shatta Wale, Michy got into bed with Nam1 because Nam1 promised to buy trade fair for her and thus use it to build a mega shopping mall.

She revealed she went to a party with Michy inside Trassaco valley an affluent residential neighborhood in Accra organized by Nana Appiah Mensah but at the time Shatta Wale was not with Zylofon.

Mag Love further narrated that, Michy told her Nam1 had promised her 1 million dollars all because she was warming her bed behind Shatta Wale.

When Shatta Wale found out what Nam1 has done, he confronted Nam1 and told him for knowing Michy was his girlfriend and still went ahead to sleep with her, he leaves him in the hands of God and left.

Nana Appiah Mensah could not sleep after Shatta Wale said this to him and called on persons he knew Shatta Wale have regards for to help him apologize Shatta Wale for whatever has happened.

As part of his apology, Nam1 requested that he would want to sign Shatta Wale to be part of the Zylofon music label that was the reason behind Wale joining Zylofon.

She went on to say, contrary to some claims by Michy that it was Shatta Wale who pushed her to having an affair with Nam1 as means of him getting signed by Zylofon is a palpable falsehood which should be disregarded.

Videos of her narrative are uploaded below 



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