Nana Tornado; ‘We are jokers in Ghana if Afia
Schwar is walking freely after taking videos of inmates’


Nana Tornado says “we are jokers in Ghana if Afia Schwarzenegger is walking freely after taking videos of inmates.

According to him, it is not normal for a person to go to the police station and record inmates and still be walking freely.

He wants the IGP to do something about it or else we should consider ourselves jokers in Ghana.

“How can a normal Ghanaian citizens like a police officer sit there and Afia from nowhere do such a thing… even you Afia Schwarzenegger when Abrokwah was feeding you and other men were sleeping with you… look at how you behave.. if IGP can’t arrest Afia for videoing inmates, then we are joking in this country”

He said since the incident happened, he hasn’t heard any solid informations which indicates that, Afia Schwarzenegger is being punished for her wrong actions.

Nana Tornado reacted to the incident during his interview on Bright TV. Watch the video below;

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