Nigerian actor Yul Edochie welcoming wife Judy Austin at the airport video trends


Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has shared a video of himself welcoming his wife, Judy Austin at the airport and it is causing a buzz.

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The actor’s video comes few hours after his ex-wife, May posted a similar video endorsing a hair brand. This has made netizens react to Yul Edochie’s video, saying he is trying to have an unhealthy competition with his ex-wife.

Yul was parked outside the airport and recorded his wife, Judy Austin descending the stairs outside the airport and walking towards his car.

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Yul is heard showering praises on Judy as she walked to the car. When she finally sat down, Judy took over the recording and the two kept giving themselves accolades as Yul drove.

See his video below. eel/C7XT8SDg4pf/?igsh=djV0aGdsczNuY3V5

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The video has sparked a lot of mixed reactions. Whereas some are loving it, others are making reference to his ex-wife, May and showing dislike for the post.

Check some of the comments out.

@lordbizmak: “Make we no lie, this one pain us😂

In reference to Mary’s post, @akosaobinna wrote: “The unhealthy competition is alarmingly childish”

@_justpge wrote: “Judy is a very gorgeous woman regardless of”

@agumba1ofohio commented: “So you drove her to the airport just to shoot this video”

@juan_martin5 : “Queen May is the biggest,, button,,”

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