Nkanyiso Makhanya Did Not Make His First Uzalo Audition – Meet The Real Life Njeza.


Nkanyiso Makhanya is a South African actor who is known to have shared the same fame with ‘Uzalo’, one of the most followed South African TV shows at the moment.

Aside his acting, Nkanyiso is also known by fans of the show, Njeza.

A Quick Profile Of Nkanyiso Makhanya.

Full name: Nkanyiso Makhanya.

Age: 27 years old.

Place of Birth: KwaZulu natal.

Profession: Actor and media personality.

Best known as: ‘Njeza’ from Uzalo TV show.

The Real Life Of Nkanyiso Makhanya.

Nkanyiso was born on the 23rd of May, 1993 in Kand, KwaZulu natal where he grew up.

His acting career started during his days in primary school as he participated in school dramas.

He had his tertiary education at the university of Zululand where he obtained a degree in communications.

Nkanyiso Makhanya’s character in Uzalo is far from his real life.

At the start, he was not expecting to be called for Uzalo when he got the role. He was rejected rejected after the first attempt.

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