“Only money can silence me” – Side chick , Deborah Seyram Abablah plans new move after losing court case


A trending video on social media has gotten many people wondering when this whole charade would come to a halt.

Deborah Seyram Adablah, who recently lost the case in court after filing a lawsuit against her bank manager sugar daddy is back again with another teaser.


After losing the the case In court and fined a penalty of Ghc 10k, Deborah has made a latest video saying that the fight between herself and her former lover is not over.

According to Deborah, the case could have been resolved cordially if her bank manager lover gave her the money she asked for.

She was clearly heard in the video saying that ,

” Where I’m from we silence people with money and not insults. You could have given me 10k cedis or anything in your capacity so I kept quite”.

This new utterances from her has gotten many people wondering what her next move would be.

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