Richard has killed my son and given me broken heart; mothers weeps uncontrollably


Following the case of Richard Gyamfi who was arrested at Alaska Junction near Sunyani of the Bono Region of Ghana for allegedly killing children and storing their bodies in refrigerator.

More revelations has been popping up day in and out creating more debate and controversies in the homes of Ghanaians now.

It appears much of what had been uncovered will not get to the public domain until investigations have been completed by the Forensic, and Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service.

How on earth could a discerning human being, born of a woman, kill and keep the body in the fridge? Well, this is what happened.

This matter has surprised many Ghanaians and they just can’t understand why an innocent-looking man like this would do that to a child. I guess this is an eye-opener for all of us.

Don’t trust people by the appearance of their faces. In this world, people murder people- simple. There are no demarcated faces that are designated to be doing the killings- anyone can be the murderer.

One woman, who has been known as the mommy of one of the boys could be seen shedding uncontrollable tears. She is yet to comprehend why Richard became a murderer. She is at a loss on why Richard decided to kill her son after all the relationships they built together.

She is screaming because Richard has taken the life of her son for no reason. She is currently heartbroken and her only daughters, Benedicta Dufie Yeboah and Eunice Pokua have to console her.

Why did you do this to me, Richard? You have broken my heart when I never suspected you could even kill an ant”. The woman could be heard shouting as she sheds uncontrollable tears.

This is a severe time for the whole family and it was caused by nobody but a close ally of the family. The family is in red and black because Richard chose to murder one of their own.

The pain and heartbreaks that Richard has planted in the families will forever remain with them. The only prayers are that the laws must take their rightful course for Richard and his accomplices (if there are any) to face the full punishment of the laws. He should be made to serve harsh punishments if found guilty to serve as a warning to all others who are into such devilish acts.

You can watch the video below;

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