Robert Burale gives wise counsel to Kyle & Brianna, the Kenyan siblings who are dating


Nairobi inspirational speaker, Robert Burale has added his voice to the ongoing abomination going on between the two siblings, Kyle and Brianna.

Speaking with Nairobi Juice, Robert angrily cautioned the two siblings to stop their romantic relationship and to stay off social media till they get the help they need.


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He said, “I want them to decide that this is the last interview they will do. They don’t need publicity now. They need help, counseling, prayer, and a few slaps. I can tell they are good human beings.”

Burale said it is a huge problem for the society, looking at how they were both still very young (21&19) and have not even reached the maturity age. He argued that the two of them are still in the growth process and do not know what they want.

He said, “If this story is true there is a problem. And if it’s not true then there is still a problem. It’s a mirror of the society. If it’s true I don’t agree with it. 21 and 19 are too young. They are at an age where they don’t know what they want.”

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“A girl matures at 24. At 21 the boy is trying to figure himself out. But at that age, he should not come out to bash his father. I don’t know what the father did, evidence says he was absent, but children should understand what happened between them and their mother.”

Speaking further, he said there is no way the two of them can ever get married because what they think is love, is not love but they are rather using each other as a painkiller. He said he is sure this romantic relationship of theirs will end soon, causing them to hate each other at the end of the day.

He said, “Let me tell you the truth, they will not get married. This is just an excitement that will end soon. What they are doing is not love. They are using each other as painkillers. At some point, the header could stop and they might start resenting each other and bring problems to the larger family,”

“They need to go back to where things started going wrong. The gentleman needs to go and talk with God and his father. There has to be reconciliation because he’s in pain. We need to get Kyle to meet with his father. The young girl has been caught in between the messes of a father and brother.”

Warch the interview below.

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