Saddick Adams react to the wife of President getting paid, reveals the real test of the new law will be when Ghana gets a Muslim President with multiple wives.


After news broke that Ghana is on the verge of paying the wife of the President and Vice President to the equivalent of Cabinet ministers, many are those who have taken to social media to express their disappointment.

Constitutionally, offices of the First Lady and that of the second lady are just “titles” and comes with no clear cut defined responsibilities as such they have never been on the government payroll even though previous and current wives of the President and Vice President all run shadow offices indirectly.

Reports have it that plans are far advanced to pay the wife of Ghanaian President’ starting with that of President Akufo Addo and Doctor Bawumia respectively.

People have raised their concerns over the matter asking what happens in the future if a President or Vice President comes to office with multiple wives?

Sports Journalist Saddick Adams who himself is believed to be a Muslim has said the test of what will be the new norm of paying first and second ladies will be when Ghana in the future elects a Muslim president with many wives.

People have taken time calculate how much it’s going to cost with the payment of the current First Lady Rebecca Akufo Addo alone which is captured below.

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