Second lady trying to prove she deserves salary, Address Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa’s 2021 Sankofa Summit


The second lady of the republic of Ghana, Samira Bawumia who happens to be the wife of Vice President Bawumia has addressed participants of Heritage and Cultural Society at Africa 2021 Sankofa Summit.

The summit held virtually was under the theme Bridging the gap Geographic, Linguistic, Cultural and the second lady took advantage of the platform to advocate for Ghana’s culture and heritage to be safeguarded and further developed through research and shared knowledge.

She shared the moment in a Facebook post and made it clear Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa (HACSA) is a non profitable organization highly aiming at promoting and preserving Africa’s culture and heritage for socioeconomic development.

This comes at the back of Governments decision to pay salaries to both first and second lady sending Ghanaians into a whole angry mood with the main question being what exactly they are going to be paid for.

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