Strange world: See how these newly wedded couple transported their marriage ceremony to church in a caterpillar


This generation is really living up to its expectation of bizarreness and its sometimes astonishing to witness some marital events and ceremonies done under the belief of modernity and trends.

One has to question the motive and rationale behind some kind of practices within the African continent. These weird practices and rituals really attracts public attention like these couples.

Marriage perhaps involves rituals more elaborate than those of any other life event in most cultures. The bewildering variety of such rituals makes generalizations difficult, but placing the rituals in their larger cultural context shows some similar features in their functions and symbolisms.

Rituals of marriage begin long before the actual wedding ceremonies. Whether the bride and groom fall in love or someone makes the match, meeting involves ritual.

Dress, makeup, hairstyles, ornaments, and other efforts to enhance personal appearance are often ritualistic efforts to attract the opposite sex, as are flirtations of various kinds.

But to see two newly couples celebrate their marriage ceremony and get transported in a caterpillar is unheard of. This couple must surely be in the Guinness book of records for this stunt.

Its not immediately known as to whether the groom is an engineer or an operator, hence his decision to be conveyed in a caterpillar to Church in Zambia.

What is your opinion on this? Is this the best or you think this generation is going too far?

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