TapSwap Reasons For postponing their pool launch


TapSwap has given Reasons for the  postponement of their pool launch from May 30th to the 1st of June.

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According to them, They’re postponing the launch because they have uncovered many bots earning an unrealistic amount of Shares. 

They’re correcting the issue of bots earning because they want to main justice in token distribution.

They revealed this in a post on their official X page.

Read their statement below;

“Dear TapSwappers,

We have an important update for you: the pool launch is being postponed until July 1st!

The main reason for this delay is that we’ve uncovered many bots that earned an unrealistic amount of Shares. To maintain justice in token distribution, we’re taking measures to stop and ban these bots.

Our top priority is ensuring fair allocation of TAPS and rewarding those who’ve earned them honestly. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep the integrity of our community.

PS. Newcomers, it’s your chance to fill your pockets with Shares, while early adopters of TapSwap might see their whale status soar even higher!

PPS. The information about blockchain is coming.”

TapSwap Reasons For postponing their pool launch

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