Tima Kumkum Warns Side Chicks Taking Over People’s Marriages


Ghanaian media personality, Tima Kumkum has taken to Facebook to send words of caution to husband snatchers.

In her post she talked about the alarming rate at which a lot of married women have brought stories to her talking about other women snatching their husbands.


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She then questioned where the morals of these women taking people’s husbands are and said karma will massively deal with them.

Tima wrote, “The rate at which l’m getting stories relating to other women snatching others husbands just breaks my heart, like why decide to intentionally date a married man when you know they are married smh, Karma will reach all of them and when it does it will be so massive”

Beneath her post, she shared an image where she talked directly to the husband snatchers saying that they will also experience same fate and go through the pain they put other women through when they get married.

She wrote in the post, “To all husband snatchers, know that when you get married the pain you are causing other women will be transferred to you handsomely, it’s called KARMA.”

See her post below.

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