Tweeps Expose Mantuli’s Secret.


Mantuli is facing a lot of issues recently, it has been ups and downs for him since Pretty’s quest to find out if she is a Seakamela.

After numerous attempts by Mantuli to stop her from her pursuits, she still went through with the DNA.

According to the results, Pretty and Sthoko’s DNA results matched that of Seakamela while Kwaito’s result didn’t match with his siblings.

This left him confused as he demanded the truth from his mum. Mantuli still insisted that Kwaito is Seakamela’s son.

As a result, Zamo will go for a follow up test behind her back for confirmation.

In a poll ran on twitter by a popular website, netizens were asked to determine whether Mantuli is holding the truth from her family.

After the results came in, 82.6% seem to think that she is hiding something as the rest chose no.

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