‘Two months after pregnancy, I began to bleed even though I was not in pain till we had no option but go to the hospital – Mother celebrate twins birthday with a touching story.


A twin Mother is celebrating the birthday of her beautiful twins with a touching story behind their birth.

According to madam Elinyan Patricia Akua; “Two months after taking seed, I began to bleed even though I was not in pain till we had no option but go to the hospital. Upon arrival, the doctor said it was a threatening miscarriage. Upon hearing this, my husband requested an E.o.U. (evacuation of the uterus) or abortion in common terms.

I refused to undergo the operation even after he spoke to several people to try convincing me of the possibility of having a disabled child due to the bleeding. I stood by faith and said that I have a strong feeling that it will have the child so if God wants me to have this child, I will take the pregnancy full term and deliver if not then the pregnancy will be lost naturally but not by abortion. Saying that, I walked away from the midwife who had come to prepare me for the operation.

My husband finally caved with a threat, he is not the father of the child should he or she be disabled after birth. He said he didn’t want a deformed child as a result of the bleeding neither did he want to lose me through complications. The doctor examined me again the following day and said he still sees a heart beat after the scan and therefore recommended bed rest without any vigorous activities including sex. He told me to return in my second trimester.

I felt uncomfortable a few months later and had to go to a clinic for an ultrasound scan. I was told I had a set of twins in my womb. I didn’t believe it and said that even a medical doctor didn’t detect I was having twins how much more a mere stenographer. I was livid and left. In the eight month, I was having complications and decided to go back to the hospital for review. It was then the doctor told me I was going to have twins.
My husband said people in his family don’t have twins therefore it was a mistake. The doctor insisted and said one of the foetus is in a breach position so he scheduled 10th May for a cesarean session which was successful.

I couldn’t breastfeed the babies since my breasts didn’t have milk. We had to fall on Nan 1. It was difficult after a while since my husband lost his job. But God provided helpers who kept providing us with the feed for the twins. Today Elliana Monipak Afia Douty and Alliana Monigan Afia Douty are two years. God still works miracles if you believe He will. I and my family are proof of His goodness.

Midwife pat
Midwife Sally
Sika Wo Tumi
Osei Oppong-Brenya
Josie Ofori

Wachag_GHANA, Mr and Mrs Benjamin Nadorare some of the notable mediums God used to see us through the period of trials. May God replenish all you have lost and bless you and everyone else who supported us in diverse ways. We are a testimony of the provision of God. Don’t ever lose faith in God. Your miracle is close. Happy happy birthday to my beautiful Monipak Afia Elliana douty and monigan Afia Alliana douty .”

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