Upcoming Volta Musician offers Edem Cat Meat as a birthday gift


Fast rising Ghanaian singer, Kenny Ice has among all other gifts, offered his colleague Volta Musician, Edem a cat meat as his birthday gift.

Today 20th May happens to be the birthday of Legendary Ghanaian Rapper, Edem and well wishers all over the world are sending their goodwill messages to celebrate the Former Last Two member.

However, among all the birthday wishes Edem has received so far, The one from Kenny Ice has caught the attention of many after fueling the long existing perception that the people of Ewe land has some high levels of love for cat meat.

“BIG birthday blessings @iamedem
Everything in double folds for you.
Cat meat jollof on a yatch in Ada today! Bills on me
?The ewe Gang Boss wrote.

As cats are used as pets in most places Our friends from the Volta region of Ghana reportedly do not have them for this same purpose as they are widely rumored to be those who consume them as their favorite meat.

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