‘We are tired of eating gari and gari jollof’ – FSHS students complain which shows how bad they are fed


Where at all did we go wrong as a nation having brains that are running FSHS which is doing the Ghanaian child more harm than good, due to its food shortages. Is that not the truth.? The Minister of Education has been highly proven to be somehow incompetent according to critics due to the challenges arising out of the policy.

According to critics the government and its entire machinery assumes that by merely declaring Free SHS they have solved every problem confronting school children from Chreche to Senior High School in Ghana.

The state of some SHS in Ghana, the reason for which government must cautiously prioritize feeding this children well is because the policy is funded by the revenue generated from the production of oil.

Initially, it was published that numerous second cycle schools across the nation have been hit with food shortages where learners are being served terrible diet and their daily food was the same without justification.

Free senior high school Administrators in charge of the program had refuted the claim and implored Ghanaians to prove to be false the information that the Free SHS policy was undergoing a major lapses which was food scarcity.

Several students schooling under the Free Senior High School program are complaining to President Akufo-Addo as an issue of necessity to improve the quality of diet they are served at school.

Per their narrations, they are disgusted and bored of eating “gari” and “Gari Jollof” on a daily basis while they could be authorized to go home if certainly there is a depletion of food.

These dissatisfied students communicated their unhappiness over the food they are provided with. As  throwing the food about, expressing disgust over their diet which visibly looked bad and unhealthy.

The video confirms that’s this policy has been badly managed by its authorities. To avoid, disciplinary action taken against them they hid their faces and vented their anger on the government and the president.

You can watch the video below


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