What happened to Osebo The Zaraman? Update on the Ghanaian fashionable man reported arrest in Italy


There are allegations circulating on the internet that ‘Osebo The Zaraman’, the Ghanaian fashion designer and fashionista, has been arrested in Italy. However, it’s important to note that these allegations have not been confirmed yet. 

Osebo the Zaraman, the Ghanaian fashionista and fashion designer, has reportedly been arrested in Italy, the country where he frequently visits to source materials for his clothing.


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It appears that Osebo’s social media pages have been inactive for a while, which could suggest something is wrong with him.

Amongst people circulating this false information is a young guy who’s name is unknown keenly reporting the news in a video.

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However Kofi Nyarko who claims to be buddies with Osebo and lives in Holland, made a video reacting to the claims circulating on the internet about Osebo’s arrest in Italy. According to him, the news is false. Debunking whatever false information being spread about Osebo.

“There’s a video of this man circulating false information about Osebo being arrested and I can attest to it that it’s false. Take it from me I know Osebo and he’s a close friend of mine,he visits holland all the time, he’s right here in Europe he’s not in Ghana he’s in Italy, before going to Italy he passed by my place in holland before going. Anytime he comes, he comes in a KLM. He has been arrested for what ? What exactly has he been arrested for?..The guy who claims he has been arrested should come out and tell me where he has been detained in Italy, if he’s saying Osebo has been arrested I’m sure he knows the prison in which he has been detained so he should come out and show us. In holland when you have an issue with the government it’s easy to track and trace. And it’s easy to check for criminal records currently, if you don’t know why he’s inactive on social media don’t go about spouting lies.” He added.

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