“When my father was very sick, i called Mercy Chinwo to assist me with money and all she did was offer me words of encouragement” – Mercy Chinwo’s music producer, Dr Roy cries out


In a recent interview on the honest bunch podcast, Dr Roy revealed he worked with gospel musician, Mercy Chinwo on most of her songs but he has never received any royalties from her.

According to Dr Roy, he hardly slept when he was working with Mercy Chinwo on her music projects as they always worked late and had to be up early to continue working. He said he did all this with the hope of getting paid some royalties when the work was done but he was never paid.


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He said, “Me and Mercy Chinwo, we will sleep at 5am, wake up by 7am, start working again till 5am, back to back. All my hope was as I’m working on Mercy’s project, I will get some N10 millions and my hard work will pay off so that once I’m paid, my family will be alright but I received nothing.”

Speaking further, he revealed at a point, his father got seriously sick from stroke so he reached out to Mercy to ask for monetary help for his father’s medical bills. Surprisingly, Mercy just gave him words of encouragement.

He said, “My father was suffering from stroke. I even called her (Mercy Chinwo) to tell her my father is down with stroke so if she has any form of assistance to help me with, she should please assist me so I can use it to take care of my father. Mercy just told me not to worry, my father will be fine.”

See the interview below.

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