Who Is Ezra Blount, The 9-Year-Old Boy Who Died From Injuries After Deadly Crowd Surge At Astroworld Festival


Ezra Blount was a a 9-year-old Dallas-based young elementary school boy who loved music and entertainment.

He was part of the victims of Travis Scott’s Astrowrold festival that sent some to their early graves that very night.

The teenage boy survived the scary incident in Initially with injuries as a result of the stampede but has mow been confirmed dead.

His death report was made by the parents of the young boy after his condition worsened few days leading to his sad demise.

Ezra Blount
Ezra Blount

The incident was so serious that Ezra Blount was placed on life support for days after he sustained high degree injuries but he could not regain strength. The death of Ezra Blount has brought the death toll to 10 now.

There are just a few details about Ezra Blount and he has become a household name due to the unfortunate injuries he sustained at the 2021 Astroworld Festival.

The sad happening took place on November 5, 2021, which happens to be just the first day of Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival and it ended on a very catastrophic note.

With a few hours of the stampede, eight persons were reported dead with hundreds of people sustaining various degrees of injuries.

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