Why Henry Fitz was accomodating Serwaa Amihere for GHC 2500 daily for five months


So this guy, who also goes by the name “asemstormy” has come forward with his side of the Serwaa Amihere and Henry story.

He mentioned that the GHC 2500 Henry claimed he gave to Serwaa was because she lied and about being pregnant he also mentioned that Henry gave Serwaa GHC 2500 not because he was sleeping with her, but because she cooked up a lie saying she was carrying his child. 


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So according to him, He believes that the GHC 2500 was for Serwaa and the unborn baby’s upkeep and Henry did this because he was a caring man who wanted the baby too.

However, it turns out that this was all a fraudulent act to swindle Henry. Asem mentioned that after 5 months, Henry realized that Serwaa wasn’t showing a baby bump even though she claimed to be pregnant. 

 “He was giving her the money cos the girl said she was pregnant and Henry too be caring guy n wanted the baby” he wrote

So, according to him, when Henry confronted Serwaa about her pregnancy and the absence of a baby bump, she tried to cover up the truth by lying and saying she had a miscarriage. 

“5 months as the girl en stomach no dey make big the she twist am say she get miscarriage. So he wasn’t paying her because of her p***y”.

Henry himself earlier said, “WHEN I WAS ACCOMMODATING YOU FOR GHS2500 DAILY FOR ABOUT 5 Months.”

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