Wife of Junior Pope allegedly slept with his Billionaire friend – Nigerian man reveals


A man has revealed that the reason why the wife of Junior Pope was not included in his obituary is because she slept with his friend, thus, Junior Pope’s family no longer recognise her as their daughter in law.

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The man said for a while now, Junior Pope and his wife were not together but they decided not to go public with that information.

The reason for their separation has to do with his wife sleeping with his friend. He also revealed Junior Pope’s mum chased his wife out of the house. Due to this, there is no way his family was going to add her name as a family on Junior Pope’s obituary.

He said, “Junior Pope’s wife slept with the billionaire friend of Junior Pope. Junior Pope’s mum knew about this but she remained calm because she knew her son is longer married to his wife.”

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He continued, “When all this happened, the woman (Junior Pope’s mom) did not like to see the girl. She chased the girl because she knows her son did not get an ordinary RIP, something caused his RIP.”

“So tell me, how will they put her name in his funeral arrangements? It’s not possible. So that is why her name was seen in his obituary flyer. Junior Pope’s Family knows what they are doing.”

See the video below.

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