“Be Patient”- Woman List Things You Should Do For Your Man As A Woman


A Woman Makes Has Made A List Of Things You Should Do For Your Man As A Woman.

Below was what she posted;


List of things you should do as a woman:
Do you even meet the qualifications of everything that you’re requiring of a man? This list y’all are creating X.

1. Be his Safe place, comfort zone, feel like home.
2. LISTEN, be understanding
3. be patient

4. Feed his soul

5. Love him “unconditionally”

6. Pray for him

7. Be his peace PROMO

8. Be his bestfriend

9.Uplift, encourage, support him – believe in him

10.Give forgiveness, grace, and be compassionate

11.Understand him

12.Give him space

13.Cook for him – Feed him (home cook meals)

14.Respect him

15. Be submissive – allowing him to lead

16.Add value to life

17. Be nurturing

18. Heal & grow with him

19. Give him “king treatment”

20. Have a spiritual connection

21. Help him become a better man

22. Be able to take care of yourself

23. Never look at what a man can do for you, financially

24. Take away his problems – bring balance

25. Take his soul