“Yahoo boys are the best boyfriends you can find, they’re hardworking ” – Lady Asserts


A Nigerian lady has made a very strong assertion that the best boyfriend ladies can find are internet fraudsters who are popularly known as Yahoo boys.

In a video online, the lady is heard making a strong case for these internet fraudsters by claiming they are not bad people as it’s believed by the public.


According to her, the fact that these “Yahoo boys” have not been sleeping at night and spend the night using their brains to scam white people, makes them hard-working.

She continued to argue that these guys put in their best effort to put food on the tables of their parents and are very caring.

The lady also said that there is a difference between Yahoo boys and guys who sacrifice people for money.

According to her, the latter are ritualists and not “Yahoo boys”

She therefore called on ladies to befriend and date “Yahoo boy” because they’re very good people.

Watch video below;