7yrs old boy claims he has gone to paradise and received a message from Jesus to the people


A seven-year-old boy claims to have visited paradise and received a message from Jesus.

When a young man died in an automobile accident, he claimed that he had gone to paradise.

He claimed that after being resurrected, he encountered Jesus and that Jesus gave him a message to deliver to the world before it passed the point of no return.

Vicent Walker, together with his mother, Summer, and father, Ashton, were returning home from the church.

The Walker family had no idea that this day would turn out to be one of the most traumatic and life-altering days of their lives.

Summer and Vicent were in the car with Ashton Walker when they heard him shouting.

The next thing they knew, an emergency car had collided with their vehicle, causing a terrible accident.

He was seated behind his father, and rescuers were unable to see him because the driver’s side had sustained the most damage. However, they noticed a shoe and realized there was another person in the vehicle at that point.

They began searching for a child’s body, and after some time, they found it. Vincent, on the other hand, was not unwinding.

Attempts were made to resurrect him. Because the rescuers believed there was a chance of saving the child’s life, he was immediately airlifted to an emergency clinic.

Vincent died more more once on that fateful day. He was brought back to life twice, although he wasn’t truly free and clear at the time.

Summer was informed by specialists that if Vincent survived, which was not really a miracle at this point, he would resemble a youngster.

His cerebrum had been severely damaged, and he would be unable to walk, talk, eat, or do anything that a seven-year-old child can.

Summer was desperate to reclaim her child. She’d cope with him, but she desperately wanted him back at this point. After all, he was all she had now.

Summer needed to attend the burial service of his significant other while Vincent was fighting for his life. She was constantly blaming God for their predicament when the burial service arrived.

She claimed that God should have protected them and that life is irrational. She went on to say that she felt as if God had abandoned her.

Vincent got ensnared by a variety of machines while he was unconscious. Summer prayed every day for the recovery of the youngster. Furthermore, after 15 days, her appeals were finally answered.

Vincent finally opted to open his eyes after a month had passed. Everyone was taken aback when they discovered he had no damage to his cerebrum. He was perfectly fine.

On the one hand, she was blaming God for everything that had gone wrong in her life, and on the other hand, she was pleading with God for the safety of his child more than she had ever done before.

Summer was relieved to learn that her child had recovered. However, reality soon caught up with her, and she realized she needed to tell him about his father.

She had no idea how she was going to break the bad news to him. In this fashion, she started with a question, asking him whether he knew where his father was.

Surprisingly, Vincent knew exactly where his father was. He informed Summer that he had met him in paradise. Summer couldn’t figure out what was going on. Is he just saying he met his father in paradise?

In the end, Ashton was far from the only person Vincent met in paradise. He saw family, friends, and relatives he had no idea he had.

Summer had previously had two failed pregnancies, which the couple had never told Vincent about. How could he know, given the circumstances? Is it true that he went to paradise?

He went on to tell that during his fourth visit, he encountered Jesus and that Jesus had given him a message and a mission.

Vincent informed his mother that Jesus had asked him to return to Earth and live a nice Christian life.

Vincent needed people to believe that Jesus is the real deal. Paradise is the real deal. There are also holy messengers. Jesus assured him that things will get better. He also recommended him to read the Holy Book in order to gain a better understanding of life.

Summer accepted Vincent on the grounds that his child’s arrival was not quite a marvel. He had been subjected to a great deal of harm, yet he was alright at this point.

Since that day, Vincent and Summer have aided others who are struggling in their life and require support and trust.

Vincent is always reassuring people that Jesus, paradise, and divine messengers are real. He claims that he is aware of the situation because he has been there.

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