“Rest assured, we aren’t going anywhere” – TikTok CEO, Shou Chew says


On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, the American president, Joe Biden signed a TikTok ban bill which says that it’s either TikTok’s parent company divest itself or face a ban in the USA.

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Shortly after Joe Biden signed the bill, TikTok’s CEO, Shou Chew took to the platform to react to the bill. According to Mr chew, the accusation of Chinese government control in the law will only lead to a ban on TikTok and the freedom of speech of its users.

He said, “Make no mistake, this is a ban. A ban on TikTok and a ban on you and your voice. Politicians may say otherwise, but don’t get confused. Many who sponsored the bill admit a TikTok ban is the ultimate goal.”

Mr Chew also said he will keep fighting for the rights of the citizens of the United States in courts because he knows the constitution stands with them. He said, “Rest assured, we aren’t going anywhere. We will keep fighting for your rights in the courts.”

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“The facts and the Constitution are on our side and we expect to prevail again. Our community is filled with people who have found acceptance and compassion….ultimately adding more delight and joy in their lives”

Chew revealed the platform has helped business owners who have, “built their livelihoods on TikTok. He further stated that if they are able to make their case in court, Americans will still be able to” enjoy TikTok like they always have.”

He also assured it’s users that their data is secured as they have a US data security system which have allowed them to “build safeguards that no other peer company has made,” and they have invested a lot of money to “keep our platform free of outside manipulation.”

Check his video below.

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