“My life would have changed for the better if my mum didn’t burn my travel passport out of anger” – Man shares his story


An X user with the name @naetochukwu01 has shared his life story on how his mother, being a true African mother, ended up destroying his chance to get a better life overseas.

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In his post, he said he got scouted to play for a team in Melbourne in Australia when he was 15 years old so he had all his documents ready and was getting prepared to leave.

He said just around that time, his mum got back from church one day and was yelling at him so he hissed and his mum got angry and told him, “is it cos you want to go abroad now that you are hissing at me?, come and go now let me see you. I have to tame you, before you become untamable.”

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He revealed his mum, after saying that, angrily took his travel documents, jerseys, boots and everything he needed to travel with and set them on fire in their backyard. He said his mum immediately realised her mistake when she set the things in fire but it was too late.

In his final post in relation to the story, he said till date, his mum has been apologising for what she did and although he does not hate her, he knows his life would have been far better by now.

See his post below.

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